iFootage Cobra 3 Strike Monopod Offers Ultra-Fast Length, Angle, and Accessory Adjustments

Some people will argue that iFootage already makes the best monopods in the market, with their all-weather designs, durable construction, and single-handed operation. Suffice to say, they offer tremendous function for modern videographers. The iFootage Cobra 3 Strike is the outfit’s newest offering.

Billed as an an “ultimate game-changer for creatives,” the new monopod iterates on its already-impressive predecessor by offering improved speed when shifting angles, adjusting heights, or changing gears. They claim, in fact, that all those things can now be executed up to 75 percent faster than before, keeping you more agile during shoots both indoors and outdoors alike.

The iFootage Cobra 3 Strike measures 33 inches when collapsed, so while it’s not small, it’s compact enough to strap down on your pack or slide inside your equipment case. When fully extended, it measures 59 inches, allowing you to cover a good load of height and distance during your shoots. Do note, these measurements are with the base feet attached, which gives the monopod the ability to stand on the ground, similar to tripods for hands-free shooting. They lose a few inches of length in both collapsed and extended modes in case you remove that.

The big new feature here is the addition of a trigger button located at the top of the center shaft. When pressed, this allows you to quickly extend and retract the monopod, making it possible to change the length in as little as eight seconds. You only need one hand to press and adjust the length, as well, leaving your other hand free to handle additional equipment (or hold on to that sandwich you’re trying to eat while recording). This is, of course, in addition to the one-click quick-release system for easily switching cameras, as well as the pedal control that lets you tilt the monopod towards any direction up to 130 degrees to adjust the shooting angle.

The iFootage Cobra 3 Strike is compatible with camera gimbals, so you can attach it along with your camera for smooth and stable footage, while supporting smooth panning movements when the monopod is installed on the base. You can even remove the head of the monopod and attach it to the base instead, in case you need low-angle shots that just wouldn’t work with the monopod’s length. The base, by the way, has three feet that can be adjusted at 22-, 50-, or 78-degree angles, allowing you to stabilize it in many kinds of terrains.

Construction is lightweight and durable aluminum for the pole, with the handles and sleeves cut in plastic, so the whole thing weighs just 3.5 pounds with the base included. While it will handle water just fine, they do caution against using it in sand, as the coarse grit of sand can affect the moving parts if they do end up slipping in between the cracks, so you might have to clean it thoroughly if you end up shooting in beaches, deserts, and other sandy environments. Other features include payload support of up to 11 pounds, so it can handle everything from vlogging cameras to semi-pro rigs, and dual thread screws (1/4-inch and 3/8-inch) for wider compatibility.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the iFootage Cobra 3 Strike. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $180.

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