iGeek External Battery Packs One Week’s Worth Of Gadget Juice

Battery life is a big deal for most any mobile gadget.  Your fancy new smartphone is as good as a brick once it runs out of power, after all.  Hence, the need for backup batteries when going off the grid.  When size-to-juice ratio is an issue, this New Trent iGeek External Battery Pack should make for an excellent companion.

Reasonably compact, the device should easily fit into a spare nook of your backpack or luggage, ready to give you an emergency boost when an outlet just isn’t available.  Unlike many compact chargers, it can top off most any USB-charged mobile electronic, including your power-hungry iPad (umm… no, your eSpire electric bicycle doesn’t charge by USB).

The New Trent iGeek External Battery Pack houses a 9900 mAh battery module, which holds a charge equivalent to an estimated 50 hours of movie viewing on an iPod Touch.  According to the product page, this can “easily give you over a week of battery boosts” for normal use.  And by normal, of course, they mean not watching 50 hours of movies on an iPod Touch.

With one and two amp USB ports, it can charge  a pair of gadgets at the same time, so you can power up your USB razor while juicing your iPad.  You know, so you can trim your unkempt beard while hanging out in the lobby of an airport and using the iPad’s webcam as a mirror or something like that.

Want one?  Amazon has the New Trent iGeek External Battery Pack available, priced at $61.95.