Igloo Satellite Cabin: A Way, Way Cooler Tent


Always wanted to live in an igloo?  You might have a chance to make your childhood fancies come true without moving to the north pole, after all.  The Igloo Satellite Cabin lets you live inside the protective shell of a functional dome-shaped igloo that’s capable of providing shelter under any weather condition.

The product page claims it’s the same cabin used for safe and reliable accommodation in many remote areas over the last 25 years.  Built to live through any type of environment, it’s been installed as temporary living quarters in almost every location imaginable, from tropical rain forests to polar icecaps.


Measuring 3.0 meters in diameter and 2.1 meters in height, it doesn’t really offer all that much living space.  I doubt it really matters, though, since you’re living in an igloo – that’s about a hundred times cooler than pimping it in a plush hotel room any day of the week.

All the walls and floor panels used in each Igloo Satellite Cabin is made of a pre-fabricated composite containing fiberglass and polyurethane insulation.  The most basic model is made up of eight total wall panels, combined with four self-supporting sections for the flooring, all bolted together for durability (more panels can be added for a larger size).  Holding ground is accomplished by eight tie-down wires attached to pegs (like a tent).

While I don’t intend to live in an extreme environment anytime soon, how cool would it be to have one of these set up in your backyard?  Better yet, take it along for camping instead of a tent – let’s see how wild animals try to steal your food with this thing in tow.

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