IKEA Socker Is A Mini-Greenhouse For Your Home

Want to build a greenhouse, but you don’t have anywhere near the space for one?  Not a problem with the IKEA Socker, a miniature greenhouse you can set up on a table for all your indoor growing needs.

Designed to “provide a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow,” the contraption actually looks like a dollhouse with all-glass walls.  You know, the kind Exhibitionist Barbie will live on if she existed and came with matching Peeping Tom Kens.  Or something equally creepy like that.

The IKEA Socker measures 14.15 x 3 x 19.25 inches (w x h x l), making it ideal for keeping in a small side table by the window, the end of a kitchen counter, or a spare surface on your workdesk.  We’re not exactly sure what makes it a great place to hold plants since it just looks like a glass box to us, but we guess the combination of the compact size and the see-thru walls makes it a convenient place to showcase your potted greens while allowing plenty of sunlight in (provided you put it in a place where the sun can shine, of course).

Plants are inserted into the greenhouse using the roof vents, which can be kept opened both to fit in taller plants and allow air to circulate better.  From the looks of it, the thing can serve as a terrarium for some of your more unconventional pets or a showcase box for your toys, too.

IKEA has the Socker available now, priced at $19.99.

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