IKEA Vappeby Gives You A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker On The Cheap

There are plenty of solutions for waterproof speakers, which should allow you to listen to music while in the shower, the pool, or the backyard on a rainy day. Problem is, a lot of waterproof speakers charge extra for the watertight construction and, let’s be honest, few of us want to spend that much money on a spare speaker that you only plan to use sporadically. That’s what makes the IKEA Vappeby Portable Bluetooth Speaker such an interesting proposition.

Costing just $15, this waterproof speaker gives you an affordable music playback option for water-exposed areas of the house, allowing you to enjoy music everywhere without going on a spending spree. Want a speaker you can hang in the bathroom for musical accompaniment to your long showers? This should do the trick. How about a speaker you can take to the beach without worries? This should work for that, too. The best part? You can get one at a fraction of the cost of typical waterproof speakers.

The IKEA Vappeby is a compact Bluetooth speaker housed in an enclosure that measures just 3 x 3 x 2 inches (height x width x depth), making it small enough to squeeze inside most bags and pockets. While there are no details on the speaker drivers, IKEA claims it “packs a lot of sound despite its small size,” making it a perfectly serviceable option both as a secondary speaker around the house and a portable speaker for taking outdoors.

Want a stereo speaker system? Not a problem as you can pair two of these little speakers to get yourself a proper stereo setup, all while keeping your overall cost to an absolute minimum. Basically, if you’ve considering getting one of those cheap, no-name speakers as a secondary speaker for various uses, this just might prove to be a much better option.

The IKEA Vappeby Portable Bluetooth Speaker is IP67-rated for waterproofing, making it safe to not just expose to water but even drop into bath tubs, pools, and rivers for brief periods. Suffice to say, you don’t have to be careful about where you can use these speakers, as they can take any kind of water exposure, short of being submerged in substantial depths at extended periods. The onboard battery is rated at 80 hours of playback when playing at 50 percent volume, too, allowing you to enjoy a whole lot of music between charges.

Construction is ABS plastic, so this should be hardwearing enough for normal outdoor use. It comes with a D-ring on the corner, by the way, with an integrated polyester webbing, so you can easily hang it in the shower, a bag strap, or any random hook you can find for mounting. Do note, it doesn’t come with a charging cable or a USB power adapter, so you’ll either have to use an existing one you own or purchase a new cable separately. Yeah, they stripped everything to keep the price that low.

The IKEA Vappeby Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available now.

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