iKey AK-39 Wrist Keyboard Lets You Type With One Hand While Holding A Gun On The Other


Typing on a computer typically meant you needed a keyboard and a place to set it on. Not anymore. The iKey AK-39 gets you a complete wireless input panel with all the standard set of keys, all on your wrist.

iKey’s latest keyboard creation sports a basic 39-key layout and up to 30 feet of wireless operation, all while strapping comfortably on your forearm. Designed for military use, it allows you plenty of flexibility while punching data into a computer. For instance, you can mount the panel on your left arm, type with your right hand and keep watch on the door, all while grasping a rifle on your left hand, just in case.

Built to survive drops, spills and harsh elements (like stray bullets, perhaps), the AK-39 conforms to full MIL-461 specifications, making it rugged enough for less-than-ideal situations. It comes with green LED backlighting for use in the dark, a night-vision configuration in case it gets even darker, the ability to overcome harsh electromagnetic interference and easy typing even with gloves on.

The keyboard itself features a removable snap-on face to avoid accidental key strokes (which could be important if hitting Return is the command to launch the missiles). It also includes an integrated HulaPoint II pointing device (based on Force Sensing Resistor technology), which can be used as a mouse, complete with left-click and right-click functionality. Sorry guys, no scroll.

No listed price is given for the iKey AK-39, but it should be pretty steep, given that it’s designed for in-field military users. Of course, what I’ll be doing is waiting for the non-rugged Chinese knock-off version, which I’ll be using as a replacement for my HTPC remote. How cool-looking is that thing?

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