These LED Earrings Might Just be The Perfect Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift

Diamonds may be forever, but their sparkle has nothing on the brightness of these Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings.  Yep, earrings that literally bring light into the darkness.

Forget glow-in-the-darks, these earrings pack real LEDs powered by real batteries all while being no bigger than regular ear bling.  That way, you can quickly spot your girl even in the dark: “Oh there she is, Mom, that cute blonde with the robot light-up ears.”  Sexy.

We’re not entirely sure how it’s constructed, but we’re guessing the Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings has a fake sculpted stone with LEDs inside.  Don’t worry, there’s no need to carry a battery pack tethered to the earrings either — instead, it uses mini-battery backs (two sets included) that also hold the earring in place.  When you don’t want to  light up the night, just remove the battery backs and replace it with the included rubber backs, which will make the earrings your regular cheap jewelry with a fake gem.

Granted, your girl will probably have to be pretty geeky to want this over a pair of diamond earrings, but we’ll leave the convincing up to you.  And if she doesn’t bite, you can always get your ears pierced and wear them instead (hey, you already walk around with a Sound Effects Box, so you’re definitely geeky enough for this).

Oh yeah, Thinkgeek cautions about scratching the coating on the battery backs — unless you like to get a small jot of electricity when it touches your skin, that is.  The Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings are available now, priced at $26.99.

[box type=”tick”]Our only advice is that if you are really planning to get these for your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day, make it a side gift and not the main one.[/box]

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