Snakkes Wall Lamp, An Illuminating Speech Bubble

Need a speech bubble for your Eureka moment?  Try the Snakkes Wall Lamp, a light-up LED board for mounting on vertical surfaces, clad in a quirky, speech bubble design.

Sporting a design from Barcelona-based Daniel Benito Cortázar, the lighting fixture is built by Northern Lighting, a hip Norwegian design collective who fancy themselves as “moodmakers.” And set a perfect lighthearted mood in any room it probably will.

Aside from offering stylish illumination to any space, Snakkes also doubles as a notice board.  The whole front panel is made from a marker-friendly whiteboard material, allowing you to not only mark doodles on it, but make your note perfectly visible even in the dark.  That way, even your stupidest inklings can be “bright” ideas.

The lamp measures 36.4 x 25.7 x 6.8 cm and weighs 2.8 kg, with steel along the edges and a 6W LED bulb board sitting inside.  It comes bundled with its own whiteboard marker, so you can start waxing your thoughts as soon as you affix it to a wall.  You’ll need to plug it to a wall outlet so there’s a pesky wire, but it still looks fine, regardless.

Snakkes, apparently, means “talk to you later” in Norwegian, which hints at the object’s purpose as a functional message board.   It’s available from UK-based Funktion Alley for £195.

[thanks Funktion Alley]