ILoveHandles Chops Combines A Knife Rack And Cutting Board In A Sleek Kitchen Tool


The cutting board and the knife rack are two ubiquitous staples in most every kitchen. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the many choices for both, the ILoveHandles Chops’ unique take should make for an attractive and convenient addition to any kitchen worktop.

While most people keep their cutting boards in a drawer, on a drying rack, or hanging off a hook somewhere in the kitchen, this accessory lets you keep yours in the same place you line up your knives. It does that while taking up just a narrow amount of counter space, too, all while serving as a unique decorative item.


The ILoveHandles Chops consists of a freestanding metal knife rack and two identical cutting boards. Magnets inside the solid-wood boards allow them to snap onto either side of the rack, serving as wooden paneling to cover up the knives when they’re not in use. The rack is designed to store knives out in the open with their blades exposed when the cutting boards are taken out, making it easy to find the exact knife you need for whatever slicing, dicing, or chopping job you’re doing next.


Available now with shipments slated for March, the ILoveHandles Chops is priced at $65.

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