I’m Going Cuckoo For The Cuckoo Watch


Watchmakers call their designs “classic” all the time.  Seriously, though, the Cwatch is the only wrist-worn timepiece I’ve seen that deserves such a label.  A cuckoo clock on a wristwatch?  Can you come up with anything more classic or legendary?  You have to be cuckoo not to love it!

Designed by Belgian Thomas Cruyl, this looks way more interesting than those endless parades of LED-blinking Tokyoflash watches and insanely-priced European luxury brands.  Who wouldn’t want a veritable Grandfather Clock strapped to their wrist?  Anyone?  Anyone?  No, you only register a “1” on the fashion scale, you don’t count.  Anyone else?


One of the shorlisted entries in a recent Designboom Competition, the Cwatch is just a design, so you’ll have to pray somebody actually makes it before you can wear one.  In fact, that Photoshop job is just horrible, don’t you think?  The idea, however, is way brilliant.  I’d probably like the actual watch frame to be smaller, though, just so I can wear it more comfortably.

The good thing is, this doesn’t look all that difficult to actually bring to life.  You’ll need to have the exterior crafted, of course, but you can just attach it to a regular timing mechanism, then put the whole thing on a brown leather strap and you’re set.

Designboom will announce their contest winners on the 15th of the month.  I’m not sure if the Cwatch even has a shot at winning, but it doesn’t matter – it already won me over, bad Photoshop skills and all.

[Designboom via Gizmodo]