I’m Not A Stormtrooper, I’m A Fireman


Firemen have always had one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  These new fireman helmets from France not only make it safer for these brave souls to carry out their work, it gives them the most futuristic, coolest-looking outfit ever!

Looking in some ways like a Stormtrooper headgear, the helmets are starting to find wide use in brigades all over Europe – and not just because of its style.  Firemen who have used the helmets are ecstatic at the protection they offer, coming in with better padding and ventilation, apart from a  full cranial protection that goes all the way around the head, face and neck.

A lever at the side controls a flip-down, gold-plated visor for durable defense against flying debris, excessive brightness, heat radiation, UV and other hazards.  The lower left and right hand sides of the helmet offer a pair of mounting straps, where the wearer can put in flashlights, cameras or other smaller devices.

The helmets can stand exterior temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade, while staying a tolerable 35 degrees inside.  Each unit is also individually-fitted to ensure perfect wear, as well as to avoid falling off when the firefighter goes down.

Price for each custom-built helmet is around $190, which isn’t all that much more than a good motorcycle headgear.  Throw in the fact that you get to look like a Stormtrooper and this is as a good a value as it gets.

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