Imalent MS18 Flashlight Puts 100,000 Lumens Of Brightness In Your Hand

Do you need a handheld flashlight that can shine a 100,000-lumen beam of light? Probably not. Do you want one? Of course, you do. We’re guessing that’s the whole reason why the Imalent MS18 exists.

That’s right, this flashlight has a maximum output of 100,000 lumens, likely making it the brightest option in the category. How bright is that? We don’t actually know, but the outfit claims, its light output should be 50 times brighter than your car’s headlights, so it’s a whole new level of ridiculous. Suffice to say, it makes us feel silly that we used to fawn over flashlights that can put out 9,000 lumens just a few short years ago.

The Imalent MS18 uses 18 individual pieces of Cree XHP70 LEDs, all of which need to light up at the same time to create the insane 100,000-lumen output. According to the outfit, that output is so powerful, the beam can reach distances of up to 4430 feet, allowing you to shine a light at areas you probably can’t even make out with your naked eye. Of course, shining that much light uses up a lot of power, so it comes with eight brightness settings, from 700 lumens to max output, to let you optimize its battery life.

Speaking of the battery, it uses a whopping eight separate 21700 batteries, any of which can be removed and replaced if one or more cells give out. According to the outfit, that battery array can keep the flashlight running for 53 minutes at maximum brightness, so the darn thing won’t even run for a whole hour at that level. If you want to extend the runtime, it can light up for close to seven hours at 5,000 lumens, over nine hours at 2,000 lumens, and almost 15 hours at 700 lumens. The batteries can be fully recharged from a wall outlet in around four and a half hours.

Because all that brightness produces a whole lot of heat, the Imalent MS18 has a built-in active cooling system to keep it from overheating. This includes a heat pipe radiator that moves from one side to the other using a wick structure and heat-conducting fluid, along with inlet and outlet fans to cool things down by circulating air. The radiator does most of the cooling work on its own at low brightness levels, although the fans get automatically activated as soon as you use it at 22,000 lumens or greater. From what we can gather from reviews, those fans are not quiet, so expect this thing to be a noisy companion if you want to use the more intense brightness levels.

Since flashlights get used aplenty in outdoor settings and job sites, the thing is built rugged, with the ability to shrug off drops from 1.5 meters and IP68 water resistance rating. Other features include an OLED display showing the current brightness level, anti-reflective glass coating, a hard-anodized aluminum shell, and a lifespan of 50,000 hours for the LEDs.

Want one? The Imalent MS18 is available now.

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