Imation Link Creates Dead Simple Way To Stream To Your TV

How much simpler can you streaming video from a computer to a TV without the mess of cables and wires?  We’re guessing not much simpler than the Imation Link, a two-piece wireless AV extender that facilitates the wireless stream directly from the PC to the HDTV.

A USB dongle plugs into your PC sending whatever appears on the monitor to a receiver that connects straight to your TV’s HDMI port.  Yep, it’s really that easy.  Offering transfer speeds that put your WiFi to shame, it can stream videos up to 720p, stills up to 1080p and stereo audio, all without fiddling with any moderately complicated hardware or software.

The Imation Link uses Wireless USB 2.0 (WUSB) to establish a connection, so you’re completely free from WiFi interference.   Components consist of a regular-looking USB dongle and a 10.87 x 4.0 x 5.5 inch receiver (clad in matching satin black finish) that can play nice with both Windows and Mac computers (all drivers are included on the USB plugin).

A directional antenna is integrated into the TV receiver, so you can adjust depending on where the source transmitter is located.  Do note that it requires 30 feet or less of line-of-sight distance, so you probably can’t camp the transmitters in separate, closed rooms, which kind of sucks.

Want a dead-simple, no frills way of streaming media from a PC to the TV that you can install at grandma’s without having her call you every two days?  Few gadgets can probably offer easier operation than the Imation Link.  It’s available now, priced at $149.99.