Imeüble’s 3D Shelf Complicates Wall Storage, Leaves Me Dizzy


Spend an hour staring at these 3D Shelves, trying to figure out where you’re actually supposed to put stuff in, and I’m sure you’ll throw send your head into a dizzying frenzy. But you cannot ignore the cool factor either.

Created by freshly-minted furniture designer Bjørn Jørund Blikstad (Imeüble), the wall-mounted storage is a truly strange idea.  Honestly, I have no clue how he dreamed up this thing without going into fits.  My simple mind is seriously amazed.


The 3D Shelves uses a colorful mash of multiple surfaces, some of which are actual shelving areas.  The others, meanwhile, are just optical illusions.  And I can’t tell which is which.  The thing is so beautifully executed that I can’t imagine anyone making it out of staring at it unscathed.  No way Bruce Banner isn’t turning into the Incredible Hulk after five minutes of trying to figure out why that book sits that way next to that plant held up in that manner.   Kill me now.  Please.

According to Bjørn, who’s just received his  masters degree in design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, he’s been trying to look at storage as more than a practical issue.  Rather, he’s been trying to imagine how things would actually be stored in our memory.  If that’s how his brain looks, I’m so glad I’m stupid – mine is just 2D with neat dividers and such.

Please take a look at those shelves.  Long and hard.  Then write me a patient letter about where the actual storage areas are supposed to be and why I can’t understand them no matter how hard I try.

[Imeuble via Woo Home]