Cool Reads: Impossible Collection Of Motorcycles

We love books.  Especially books with big pictures.  Especially when those big pictures consist of the most awesome motorcycles ever created in the history of mankind.  That’s exactly the kind of book the Impossible Collection of Motorcycles is.

Created by Ian Barry and Nicholas Stecher for Assouline Publishing, it’s a coffee table book that showcases 100 of the greatest motorcycles of the last century.  And while every dedicated motorcycle fan probably has a personal list of their own favorites, the included rides have been chosen for very specific reasons that make for a compelling “greatest list”: cultural importance, innovation in performance, luxurious design, and rarity in make.

Subtitled “The 100 Most Coveted Motorcycles of the Twentieth Century,” the Impossible Collection of Motorcycles starts things off with the 1903 Harley-Davidson Serial #1 and closes out with the 1999 Honda NSR500 GRP, with every badass motorized two-wheeler that came out between them showcased in similar detal.  The motorcycles are presented across 172 pages of full-color print on luxurious cotton paper that’s hand-bound inside a hardback cover.   The 14 x 17 inch volume comes housed inside a black rubber clamshell case with a cutout metal plaque.

The Impossible Collection Of Motorcycles is slated for publication November 12.  List price is $695, but you can preorder it at a big discount through Amazon.

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