Incase CSC: A Bag For Bike-Ridin’, Soccer-Playin’ 9-To-5ers

As with all other types of gear, bags designed for a specific purpose should prove much more convenient to use than ones you can find off the shelf. And for folks who spend their mornings playing soccer before bicycling on their way to work, nothing beats the handy functions of the Incase CSC Soccer Bag.

Created especially for members of the Chinatown Soccer Club, the accessory combines the best features of both a soccer duffel and a messenger bag, turning out a versatile carrying device with enough provisions to hold all your stuff for both the football field and the office. Storage areas include a protective laptop pocket (can fit up to 17-inch MacBook Pros), a waterproof ball compartment, a removable shoe bag, a water bottle holder and a variably-sized interior (with accompanying organizing dividers).

The Incase CSC Soccer Bag is made from Dimension-Polyant X-Pac, a waterproof and lightweight material that boasts sailcloth technology for tear-resistant durability. A wide-mouth opening with a zippered closure ensures you can fit in most anything you need to stash for both work and play. It features padded shoulder straps, padded back panels and nylon interiors.

We’re not sure if it’s going to be easier to carry than other bags, since it is pretty big at 31 x 17 x 9 inches. Regardless, we can’t imagine finding anything that allows you to fit in a soccer ball, a laptop and all other sorts of gear, all while providing weather-resistance while you take it to the streets on top of your fixed-gear. As long as you don’t forget to shower before clocking in at the office, you should be fine.

Sporty, bike-huggin’ office drones can get the Incase CSC Soccer Bag now for $199.95.

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