This Incredible Chemistry Set Comes With 35 Experiments You’ll Actually Enjoy


Chemistry sets used to be crazy, including substances that, when combined, can create explosions and melt holes through stuff. Yeah, they weren’t very safe. As a result, chemistry sets started getting watered down, eventually morphing into the boring kits we see today that simply aren’t fun. The Incredible Chemistry Set wants to change that.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing here that will let kids blow up a treehouse, melt through the dining table, or turn the neighbors into zombies when inhaled. At least, we don’t think so. Instead, it comes with all the gear you’ll need to create fun, entertaining reactions, such as glowing liquids, multi-colored flames, and things that look like they transform into some kind of freaky aliens over time, making for a genuinely engrossing kit fit for budding mad scientists.


The Incredible Chemistry Set includes all the apparatus, glassware, and chemicals you need to execute 35 different experiments at least twice, along with a periodic table and a book outlining all the experiments. Do note, the book doesn’t quite go into great detail explaining the science behind the reactions as a textbook would, choosing to focus on the step-by-step procedures and sticking to brief insights about why the reactions happen. Basically, it’s more about fun than hard science, which is perfectly fine by us.


According to the creators, the kit is designed for young adults, although these should be seriously fun for kids, provided they get adequate adult supervision. The whole thing comes in a custom wooden box.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Incredible Chemistry Set. Pledges to reserve a full kit starts at $600.

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