Indian Scout Bobber Gives The Retro-Styled Cruiser A Modern Makeover


As big fans as we are of the Indian Scout, we have to admit: the design relies far too much on nostalgia, making it more appealing to older audiences than younger riders who prefer their bikes with a more badass flair. That changes with the 2018 Indian Scout Bobber, a modified version of the bike that sheds the retro looks for a more contemporary style.

Yes, it’s still a Scout at heart with the same powerplant and drivetrain, albeit with stripped-down looks and a blacked-out aesthetic that really changes the bike’s character in a significant manner. Seriously, it might very well be Indian’s most beautiful motorcycle yet. The changes aren’t all cosmetic, though, as they also altered a few things that ensure it delivers more contemporary riding characteristics.


The Indian Scout Bobber retains the same stock 1130cc V-twin engine as the standard model, which puts out 100 horsepower and 73 pound-feet of torque. Instead of completely removing the fenders like traditional bobbers, this one just had its fenders chopped off (both front and rear), making it look more bare without being a disaster when riding over puddles. True to the bobber spirit, they swapped out plenty of parts for more compact counterparts, stripping the bike of unnecessary elements to minimize the weight.


To enable more aggressive riding ergonomics, the bike sees its foot pegs moved an inch and a half closer towards the rider, all while replacing the handlebars with a tracker-style unit and lowering the rear suspension by a full inch. As with almost every motorcycle aimed at younger riders, it gets plenty of blacked-out parts, including the headlight nacelle, the exhaust system, the wheels, and the bar-end mirrors. They also throw in a two-tone leather that looks a whole lot nicer than those from previous versions of the Scout.


Slated to come out in September, the 2018 Indian Scout Bobber is priced starting at $11,499.

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