Indian Springfield: This Touring Motorcycle Transforms From Bagger To Cruiser And Back


For all intents and purposes, Indian Motorcycles’ return has been quite the success, so it’s not surprising to see the outfit expand its ever-growing fleet. Their latest, the Indian Springfield, is a hard bagger that can transform into a cruiser in minutes.

That’s right, Indian’s newest touring motorcycle can go from bagger to cruiser and back, allowing you to outfit it with exactly what you need for a ride. During bagger mode, it comes with a windshield, passenger seat, and hard saddlebags, all of which can be easily removed to transform into a lean urban cruiser.


Powered by the same 1,181cc engine as most of the outfit’s new lineup, the Indian Springfield should offer satisfying power and even more satisfying torque, making for a great motorcycle to ride, whether for cross-country tours or local city travel. It’s built on a beefed-up version of the Chief Classic chassis, with new cartridge forks and air-adjustable rear shock for better on-road performance. Classic aesthetics shine through with the forks, headlight housing, fender trim, engine covers, exhaust, and handlebars all chromed out, while modern tech such as anti-lock brakes, tire pressure monitoring, and electronic cruise control should ensure rider convenience.


Standard features include remote locking hard bags, adjustable passenger floorboards, plush leather seating, dual driving lights, and highway bars both front and rear. Weighing 818 pounds dry, it can carry up to 533 pounds of rider and baggage, with an optional 17-gallon trunk that you can outfit in the back for extra cargo.

Available now, pricing for the Indian Springfield starts at $20,999.

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