Indochino’s Ultimate Tech Collection Suits Are Perfect For Gadget Man On The Go

Everybody carries gadgets these days the same ways our fathers and those before them carried wallets — we just don’t leave home without them. Which is why we’re increasingly seeing gadget-friendly outfits show up.  If you’re in the market for a gadget-friendly wool suit for your day-to-day business use, Indochino’s Ultimate Tech Collection has you covered.

Just like the rest of Indochino’s suits, you can customize the suits directly online, from size to style to extra features (like 40-character monogramming and specific linings).  More importantly, though, it comes with unique attributes that make it a better fit for gadget-toting modern professionals.


The Ultimate Tech Collection currently consists of five suit styles: Storm Gray & Indigo Pinstripe, Storm Indigo Striped, Storm Gray Twill, Storm Gray Microdot, and Storm Indigo & Brown Pinstripe.  All five come with protective nanotech coating, which repels liquids, stains and odors, allowing you to keep the suit much fresher for longer.  On top of that, they threw in a removable storm flap (Storm models only) filled with white duck’s down that you can button inside the jacket when needing to protect your neck and chest from the cold.  And for your gadgets, it has a Smart Pocket — a waterproof, dry-clean-friendly compartment for holding your phone.  The phone can be used completely while inside the pocket (it’s touchscreen-friendly), with a built-in metal clip and rubber slot so you can use wired headphones, too.


Prices for the stain-repelling, water-resistant, and smartphone-rocking suits in the Ultimate Tech Collection start at $629.  They’re available now.

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