Killspencer Indoor Mini Basketball Kit: Nerf Hoops For Grownups

Putting a Nerf Hoops in your office is great, giving you something to do when you’re bored, stuck, or just plain not in the mood to stare at a computer screen for the next five minutes.  The impression that having one of those plastic Nerf toys inside your office leaves on clients, on the other hand – probably not so great.  Maybe you should consider retiring that to your son’s bedroom, in favor of this Killspencer Indoor Mini Basketball Kit instead.

A Nerf Hoops for grownups, it’s a way classier version of the boy’s bedroom staple, trading in the plastic parts and loud graphics, in favor of a stylish black-and-gold trim.  That way, you can still recreate your favorite NBA 2K slam dunks at work, without downgrading the professional look of the space.  Win.

Handmade at Killspencer’s Los Angeles studio, the Indoor Mini Basketball Kit consists of a backboard made from maple wood and decked in a full matte black finish, with two options for the rim and net.  On the “Classic Edition,” you get a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim and black leather net; on the more luxurious “Special Edition,” they throw in a 24-karat gold-plated metal rim and a black leather net with a gold foil skirt.  Unfortunately, the hoops don’t come with the black leather ball in the pictures – you’ll have to get that (or another ball you’d like to use) separately.

Available for preorder, the Killspencer Indoor Mini Basketball Kit is priced at $795 and $995 for the Classic and Special Editions, respectively.  The leather ball retails for another $300.

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