The Simplest Way To Grow An Indoor Mushroom Garden

Want to have fresh mushrooms whenever you feel the hankering for them?  Grow them yourself with the Easy To Grow Mushroom Garden, a single box with everything you need to start a mushroom jungle right in your home.

Designed for utmost convenience, you don’t ever deal with soil, seeds, heavy gardening equipment or anything similar with the kit.  Instead, all you do is place the box in an area of the house accessible by sunlight (like the windowsill) and give it a gentle misting twice a day (a misting spray is included when you purchase).  That’s it.

If you keep up your end, the Easy To Grow Mushroom Garden will produce your first one-pound crop of pearl oyster mushrooms in just ten days.  Harvest those delectable vegetables, toss it in whatever you’re cooking and repeat the process.  According to makers Back to the Roots (BTTR), a single box can yield anywhere between two to four crops — not bad for something that requires so little manual labor.

The soil and plant are already inside the box, just waiting for you to start using them (you can keep them stored for months before opening).  Recycled coffee grounds are used as soil, which adds even more points to the sustainability “street cred.”

Originally launched at the Berkeley Whole Foods back in March of last year, the Easy To Grow Mushroom Garden is now widely available to everyone.  You can get it from your local Whole Foods store or from the BTTR website, priced at $19.95.