iNecklace Hangs A “Breathing” Pendant Around Your Neck

Geeks wear jewelry, too.  And, let’s face it, the usual silhouettes that pendants come in don’t really do your geek cred any justice.  Enter the iNecklace.

Made by Adafruit, the techie adornment features an 18-inch sterling silver chain, with the iconic power sign hanging in the middle.  So, you know, you can give it to your girl and tell her you want to turn her on. Or something equally stupid.

The iNecklace pendant, however, isn’t like any ordinary pendant — it’s got actual electronics inside.  While the shell is constructed from CNC-machined six-series aluminum, the innards feature a circuit board with a pulsating LED and battery that allows the pendant to light up.  And by light up, we mean “pulse” in the same breathing LED pattern that you see on Macs and some fancy PC cases.  Do note that the perpetually breathing light eats battery like a hog and you’ll have to replace it with a fresh coin cell every three days if you want the pulsing to continue.

The necklace is decidedly feminine, although guys can probably get away with wearing it, too (I mean, come on, it’s a power button).  And since it’s for tech geeks, all source code, circuit board files, schematics and CAD designs are available for download, so you can reprogram it to do your bidding.

While I’d rather have named the iNecklace something else (unless you’re Apple, appending an “i” in front of nouns is just trite), we do appreciate the fusion of quirky tech and somewhat classy jewelry here.   It’s available from Adafruit, priced at $75.