Infinitec IUM Streams Data Over Wi-Fi, All While Disguising Itself As A Thumb Drive

If it looks like a thumb drive, it must be a thumb drive.  Well, most of the time.  The Infinitec Infinite USB Memory (IUM), a small plug-in accessory, sure looks like one, except it’s actually a data sharing solution that turns the hard disk on any WiFi-connected computer into your own USB storage.

Yes, it’s just like sharing files on a regular network connection.  However, the novel gadget does the process one better by appearing no different than a regular flash drive to its host, allowing you to set arbitrary sizes (it uses up any storage available on the paired computer), create your own file structures and isolate files for access (just like they’re in their own storage area).  More significantly, you can use it with all USB-equipped devices (from digital frames to Blu-ray players), regardless of whatever connection protocols they support.  Plug it in your  Xbox 360,  for instance, and the console will treat it like a regular USB drive, allowing you to stream your music without having to fiddle with any network settings.  Very convenient.

The Infinitec IUM is, basically, a wireless streaming accessory that connects two devices together (a paired computer whose storage it uses and the host) to send content back and forth, all while appearing like a regular USB thumb drive to the latter (plug-and-play).  It comes with “dual WiFi” capabilities that allow a host laptop to use the data streaming, while retaining its wireless internet connection.

A software called the Infinite Portal needs to run on the paired computer the whole time the stick is used.  You manage everything from the program interface, including storage allocation and specific files you want to share.   The software can only run on Windows machines for now, though.

Shipping for the Infinitec IUM is set for August 31st, with pre-orders now being taken.  Price is $129.

[Infinitec via Engadget]