Inflatable Animal Heads: Wall Trophies For Balloon Animal Hunters

The head of a lion you hunted will make for a gorgeous trophy to hang up the wall.  But hunting is hard work, apart from being just a wee bit dangerous.  If you just like the idea of a scary-looking beast looking over the room, you can probably make do with these Inflatable Animal Heads.

Constructed out of plastic vinyl, each blow-up balloon bears the complete features of the animal head they resemble.  Sans the fur, scales and whatever other gross thing covers the actual animal’s skin, of course, making cleaning your trophy head collection a whole lot less of a hassle.

Four Inflatable Animal Heads are available: tiger, shark, bear and dinosaur.  Sizes vary from 20 x 13 inches to 24 x 14 inches, each one with sharp teeth hanging out of their mouths, looking like they’re ready to strike.   While the vinyl make doesn’t lend itself well to realism, the striking graphics print do a really good job of turning them into pretty gruesome-looking (and just slightly goofy) creatures of the wild.

The base of the neck comes with a hang tab, so you can quickly post the thing up a wall as soon as you fill it with air.   Hang the bear and tiger heads right next to your Carbon Matrix Crossbow,  and you’ve got yourself a legit-looking hunter’s trophy wall.  Well, as legit as being a balloon animal hunter can get you.

Granted, having a row of Inflatable Animal Heads is nowhere near as awesome as your Uncle Angus’ collection of wild game trophies.  But at least your name is not Angus.  And you don’t smell like deer pee.  They’re available from Uncommon Goods, priced at $24.95.

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