Inflatable Walk On Water Mat Makes Fun At The Beach Too Easy

Ever seen one of those floating mats that let you turn a patch of water into a stable surface where you can stand, walk and do unmentionable things (you know, like  perform triple backflips) on?  Yeah, well it is a lot of fun.  Until you realize the thing is too big to fit anywhere in your car when you roll it up, so you need to borrow your brother’s pickup every time you want to take it anywhere.  The Inflatable Walk On Water Mat to the rescue.

Just like those floating mats, this one will float and remain stable on water, allowing you to create your own mini-island anywhere on the ocean.  Except it’s inflatable, so you can stow it in the trunk of your BMW M6 on the way to the lake or the beach, then just blow it up to full size (5 minutes using the included pump) once you get there.

When blown up and laid out, the Inflatable Walk On Water Mat gives you an 18 feet long by 6 feet wide space to strut around in.  It measures 2 inches thick, which makes it easy to climb onto from the water.  Construction is  500-denier fabric fused with layers of 28-ounce PVC, so it should withstand even the most garrulous horseplay you can throw its way.  And yes, the surface is soft enough that you can slip-slide on it.

Do note that it’s not going to stay in the same place if the water current is strong, so you may want to anchor it somewhere if you’re laying the mat down in open water, like seas or rivers.  Unless you’re up for the adventure of being swept away to an unknown destination, of course.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Inflatable Walk On Water Mat available now, priced at $999.95.

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