INFLU Flu Collector Is A Face Mask That Invites Viruses To Your Airways, Saves Everyone Else From Disease


I’ve always been pretty certain that I wasn’t the only one finding the rash of anti-H1N1 masks a little too tacky.  The INFLU mask not only acknowledges that questionable paranoia, it turns it over on its head, proposing a face cover that actually invites viruses to enter your system.

Part-joke, part-social commentary, the INFLU separates itself from the horde of protective face masks in the market.  Rather than shoo away the Swine flu and its ilk, the thing collects them for easy delivery to your respiratory system.  Finally, a  faster, surer and easier way to get sick.  Need to get out of a school midterms?  Here’s your new best bet.


Officially billed as the INFLU Flu Collector, the mask comes with an inhalation valve that’s been supercharged with a micro-fan that pulls air from outside.  Simply turn the battery-powered virus-sucker on while you wear the contraption on your face, and enjoy the full range of benefits from naturally-fortifying, antibody-developing microorganisms all around you.

Designed by Michel Bussien, the masochistic facewear should offer a fun alternative to the paranoia-induced proliferation of supposedly flu-blocking protective masks.  The duo suggests using it frequently in everyday situations to maximize virus intake, but warns against use by people over 65, children under five, pregnant women and those with serious medical conditions.  Personally, I’d steer clear of elevator use.  Can you imagine what will happen when someone farts?  Enough said.

While obviously not for sale (I think), I wouldn’t mind wrapping a few packs of the INFLU Flu Collector for Christmas.  It sure looks like a fitting gift to people you hate, as well as the hypochondriacs who will probably appreciate actually being sick for once.   Nice, unassuming packaging, too.

[INFLU Collector via Gizmodo]