INKAS Hudson APC Is The Battle-Ready SUV You Want In Your Post-Apocalypse Garage


We’ve seen plenty of erstwhile regular off-road vehicles transformed into apocalypse-worthy rides. Most of them, however, look more fit for VIPs in a warzone than a ragtag group of post-apocalypse bandits. That’s definitely not the case with the INKAS Hudson APC.

To the unfamiliar, APC stands for armored personnel carrier. You know, the kind of ride SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies usually take when they’re gearing up for battle. And, yes, it’s absolutely the kind of ride you’ll take when traveling down treacherous post-apocalypse roads, too, with a build that won’t just protect you from assailants, but help you push the charge, if necessary.


Built off a Toyota Land Cruiser 79, the INKAS Hudson APC should capably maneuver through both urban and off-road terrains, all while carrying up to nine passengers, including one to man the turret. Of course, it has a turret. Designed to thrive even in extreme climates, it has an auxiliary climate control system, along with integrated ventilation and air recirculation, to keep passengers comfortable, regardless of environmental conditions.


It’s powered by a 4.5-liter V8, with a five-speed manual transmission, so there should be enough grunt and maneuverability to move the crew around in any kind of terrain. Features include composite ballistic plates that weigh half of standard armors, a siren/PA system, a removable wire mesh on top of the windshield and windows, external view cameras with electronic night vision systems, multiple perimeter gun ports, and two escape hatches.

No pricing is listed, but the INKAS Hudson APC is available directly from INKAS.

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