Inkodye Will Develop Your Photo Negatives Onto A Shirt

Looking for more ways to justify the amount of cash you still spend on rolls of film every month?  Here’s one: use the negatives off your old-school photography sessions to turn up fancy-looking shirt prints.  And you can do that with the Inkodye.

Made by Lumi, the light-sensitive dye is designed to develop photos right onto a fabric.  Want to print that fish eye shot of a fish’s eye you took last month onto a scarf?  This will do it.  How about printing some old negatives of your family onto some shirts for Christmas reunion?  Done.

Inkodye is a photo fabric dye that can be applied to cotton, linen or silk in order to create designs onto them.  Just paint the dye onto the fabric, put one of your negatives on top and expose the assembly to sunlight for 8 to 16 minutes.  Once that’s done, just wash the shirt (important: use a strong detergent and scrub hard to get rid of unexposed dye) and enjoy your new one-of-a-kind DIY print.  Aside from negatives, you can also use small objects (leaves, paper cutouts) to create silhouettes on the fabric.

The kit contains three colors of dye: red, orange and blue.  You can use them individually for single-color prints, as well as combine them to create additional colors.  Each container comes with 4 ounces of dye, which is enough to cover up to 6 square feet of material (you can dilute it with water if you don’t mind a weaker print).

Price for each Inkodye kit is $35.