InMotion Adventure Electric Unicycle Can Climb Steep Hills Up To 50 Degrees And Ride At 68-Mph Speeds

Remember those unicycles with footpads on the sides that people were using as a personal transport option alongside ebikes, electric scooters, and electric skateboards? Those looked fun, but ultimately fell out of favor among many commuters. Given that they’re not that popular around city streets, maybe they’ll get more mileage around rugged trails. At least, that’s what we think they’re trying to do with the InMotion Adventure.

Probably the most powerful electric unicycle we’ve seen, the mobility device boasts the ability to not just navigate trails and backcountry terrain, but even perform steep climbs that you just don’t see these kinds of personal transporters doing.  Seriously, the outfit claims it can go up 50-degree slopes, which just sounds ridiculous (not to mention, downright scary).

The InMotion Adventure is powered by a C40 magnetic steel motor that is rated at 4000W, complete with a  peak power of 9,000W, which is, pretty much, an absurd number for a one-wheel self-balancing ride. According to the outfit, this motor produces 147.5 pound-feet of torque and 850N of traction force at the wheel, which should explain how it’s able to perform those steep inclines. On level ground, the motor produces enough power to hit top speeds of 68.35 mph and go from standstill to 30 mph in around 2.5 seconds, so this might not even be legal to ride in your city. It comes with two riding modes: Comfort, which delivers a smooth and stable power response; and Sport, which increases acceleration response by 47 percent.

Like other electric unicycles, it uses built-in algorithms for vector control, posture detection, and motor control, allowing it to self-balance even when navigating through treacherous grounds. It comes with a double suspension system that puts suspension sliders on the sides and a coil suspension in the rear, with 600 pound per inch of stiffness out front, 970 pounds per inch of stiffness in the rear, 17 levels of compression damping, and eight levels of rebound damping. Suffice to say, this thing can absorb a lot of impact, sparing your knees from the otherwise jarring feel you’ll experience when dashing down slopes, jumping on rocks, and riding on other similarly tough off-road segments. According to the outfit, the suspension can also be fine-tuned to account for a rider’s weight and preferred riding style.

The InMotion Adventure is fitted with a high-traction off-road tire that features treads ideal for loose surfaces, such as sand, gravel, and dirt, while larger and wider anti-slip foot plates keep you atop the unicycle at all times (well, most of the time, anyway). It’s powered by four battery modules, all mounted with a quick-release design, allowing you to easily take them out for swapping with fresh modules when you need it. Other features include a smart battery monitoring system, faster charging speed (maximum current of 16A) that allows it to fill up to 80 percent within an hour, IPX6 waterproof rating to keep it viable for riding in any weather, adjustable angle 1,500 lumen headlights, and an automotive-grade tail light.

The InMotion Adventure will retail soon, priced at $3,299.

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