InMotion V11 Gives The Electric Unicycle A Suspension System For Off-Road Riding

While they’re not quite as popular electric scooters and e-bikes, electric unicycles have proven themselves to be a viable transport option. They’re also quite compact, making them easy to lug around inside trains, buses, and even workplaces. Suffice to say, they’re a great way to get around city streets. The InMotion V11 does standard one-wheeled electric rides one better by allowing you to take a sudden turn into rugged off-road trails.

That’s right, it’s an electric unicycle that’s suited for off-road riding, allowing you to take the erstwhile last-mile commuter to your weekend adventures. Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore backcountry trails or you simply want a compact ride to help you get around when you’re camping, this thing gives you exactly what you need, all while remaining a viable way of personal transport once you’re back in the city.

The InMotion V11 earns its off-road credentials by being the first product in the category to come with a built-in adjustable suspension. Specifically, it uses an air-spring pedal suspension that boasts up to 3.3 inches of vertical travel, allowing it to absorb all the bumps and dips you’re going to encounter when riding in the backcountry, while a chunky 3-inch wide tire gives it a more robust grip and better stability, both which should help it tackle those difficult terrains. According to the outfit, it’s the smoothest unicycle experience you can expect to get from unpaved ground today.

It’s IP55 rated, so it’s sealed up enough to exhibit both dust and water resistance, although it’s definitely not waterproof, so while it can handle rocky, sandy, and similar rough terrain, you’ll want to keep it clear of any site that exposes it to too much water. Yeah, keep it away from those lakes, rivers, and streams you come across in your adventures.

The InMotion V11 is powered by a custom-made 2200W motor that can send it running at top speeds of 31 mph, all while being able to scale climbing angles of up to 35 degrees. That motor is paired to a 1500Wh battery embedded right inside that gives it a maximum range of 75 miles, all while charging fully in just 10 hours. Want to charge faster? Not a problem, as it comes with dual charge ports, allowing you to hook it up to two power connections to cut down the charging time to just five hours. To ensure uninterrupted riding, it’s fitted with a cooling system that uses a trio of heat dissipation methods (convection, conduction, and fan) to cool down the motor all throughout your ride.

It’s fitted with large pedals that boast 20 percent more surface friction than previous models, all while supporting payloads of up to 265 pounds. Features include a bright headlight (the outfit says it’s the brightest in the category), responsive brake light, a built-in stand (so you can leave it standing all on its own), a fold-up handle (so you can stash it in luggage and car trunks), and a very manageable weight of just 60 pounds.

The InMotion V11 is available now, priced at $1,999.

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