Innoflate Inflation Needle Knows When A Basketball Is Sufficiently Pressurized And Prompts You To Stop


Inflating a basketball incorrectly affects many aspects of the game, from the way the ball bounces on the floor when dribbling and passing to the way the ball reacts when it hits the board and rim. Suffice to say, you need the ball inflated properly in order to see it behaving in a predictable manner. Problem is, how do you make sure the ball is inflated just right? That’s where the Innoflate comes in.

Billed as a “perfect pressure needle,” the accessory has an integrated facility that allows it to recognize when the ball reaches the desired pressure level. No more feeling out the ball, testing how it dribbles, or trying to check its firmness – this thing will prompt you to stop as soon as it reaches the required pressure level, allowing you to pump it precisely with the right amount of air every single time.


The Innoflate is slightly larger than a traditional inflation needle, since it integrates a self-regulating pressure valve that unloads a loud whistle whenever the ball is inflated with the optimal pressure level. Once you hear that whistle, simply remove the needle and you’re done, ready to hit the hardcourt with a ball that will dribble, bounce, and shoot the way it’s supposed to. You use it the exact same way you use a regular inflation needle – that is, you connect the needle to the air pump, insert it into the ball (you can moisten the tip a bit, if it won’t go in easily), and start pumping until the whistle goes off, so there’s no need to learn anything new whatsoever.


A Kickstarter is currently running for the Innoflate. You can reserve a three-pack for pledges starting at $15.

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