Innovative Storage: Cocoon Bags Featuring Grid-It


Plenty of bags claim a good amount of interior organization, but few manage to make it as flexible as a Cocoon Bag.   Featuring the company’s Grid-It system, you can literally have your way of arranging your carry-on gadgets in any configuration you desire.

Most bags that claim to help you organize feature pockets or dividers.  While they do manage to segregate items, they rarely do it in the most space-efficient manner possible.  In fact, you’ll likely find yourself storing too small of an item into too large of a pocket or forcing bulky gadgets into spaces too constrained to comfortably hold them.

The Grid-It organization system, on the other hand, lets you arrange your storage the best way you see fit.  Using a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands, you get an endless amount of configuration options, each one holding all your personal objects securely in place.   You can use it to hold tightly rolled shirts and socks, portable gadgets, office tools and other personal effects almost like the container was custom-built for it.

An innovative storage system, Grid-It is exclusively found in Cocoon Bags, which you can find in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs and tastes (provided your tastes don’t encompass big-ass trunks with solar panels).  From laptop bags with extra space for all your personal accouterments to big traveling suitcases, you can enjoy the versatility of Grid-It in most any form.  Individual models of Cocoon Bags currently sell in the $40 to $130 price range.

[Cocoon Bags via Plunder Guide]