Insanity Werewolf Helmet Is Actually DOT Certified

We’d be lying if we said the Insanity Werewolf Helmet is the sleekest motorcycle headgear we’ve ever seen.  It’s like a badly-made mask that, somehow, managed to look awesomely creepy.  And it works.

A half-face helmet, it puts the likeness of an ugly werewolf (or a really ugly troll, it could go either way) over the the top of your head, but leaves your face open so you can get a clear view of the road.  Seriously, it looks like you chopped the head off a Lycan, pulled out its jaw, and wore its face for giggles.  Again, the execution is far from sleek, but it makes for a unique look as you perch atop your Streetfighter 848 and wave at the ladies before speeding down the curb (and crashing somewhere around the next block, but nobody has to know that).

Surprisingly, the Insanity Werewolf Helmet is actually DOT-certified, which means you won’t get pulled over and cited for riding in it.  And since it looks like a mask, you can go from your bike to a costume party without bothering to take your helmet off.  It comes complete with realistic details, including a whole load of gross facial wrinkles, bushy hair and teeth caked with dry blood.

The Insanity Werewolf Helmet is offered in two versions, Standard and Seeing Red (with creepy red eyes), both priced at $199.95.  Not a fan of the werewolf face?  They also offer a custom option that lets you design your own creepy mask/helmet combo, with prices starting at $299.95.

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