Instagate Crams An Entire Tailgate Party In A Single 3x2x2-Foot Box

Tailgating is fun.  Packing all the gear you need and transporting it in your little Volkswagen Beetle to the stadium parking lot, however, isn’t.  The Instagate is an all-in-one solution that bundles all the tools you need for a successful tailgate party in a single box.  Really.

Forget trying to cram a table, a grill, and a cooler in the tiny boot of your compact sedan.  Just pick up one or two of these 60-quart cooler-sized boxes and you’ve got yourself a veritable party waiting to be unleashed.

All tailgating essentials are bundled inside a single Instagate box: a cooler, a table, a grill, grilling tools (spatula, fork, and tongs), plastic plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, napkins, a lighter/bottle opener combo, condiment packets, pong balls, and even a trash bag for after you’re done.  The cardboard cooler, which can be reused, can hold up to 60-quarts of content, allowing you to cram in a good amount of drinks and meats, while the disposable grill comes with enough natural lump charcoal to keep cooking for up to 2 hours straight.  The box itself can unfold into three functional table platforms, with one of the surfaces designed to hold the grill at a comfortable height while you’re cooking.

Since the box, cooler, and tools are all designed to be reusable, you can take them to future tailgate parties, too.  Just throw in one of those disposable EZ Grills, along with plastic cutlery, plates, and cups, to complete the set.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Instagate.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $39.

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