Instakilt Beach Towel Turns Into A Scottish Kilt When Wrapped Around Your Waist


Want to look like a Scottish highlander the next time you spend time at the beach? Now, you can with the Instakilt, a bath towel that looks like Scotland’s national dress.

Like any beach towel, you can lay it on the sand, giving yourself a place to lie down and while the day away. Unlike them, it features a highly-detailed tartan plaid pattern, turning you into a Scottish highland gentleman when wrapped around the waist, ensuring that you stand out in a sea of people in bikinis, board shorts, and whatever other boring clothes people wear when spending summers by the ocean.

The Instakilt is a 100 percent cotton beach towel measuring 60 x 30 inches, which, unless you’re under five feet tall, is going to prove a little short if you like to stretch your legs when sunbathing. We’re guessing that’s intentional, of course, so you can spend less time sunbathing and more time milling around the beach wearing your Instakilt. The size also means it will make sense to use as a bath towel, so you can dress yourself up like a dapper Scotsman after you take a shower every morning.

Available in a variety of colors, the Instakilt is available now, priced at $21.95.

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