Instant Stick On Pocket Gives You Never Ending Storage Options

No pocket on your shirt, but desperately need a place to stow a handful of free candy away? Make one on the fly with the Instant Pocket, a self-adhesive piece of fabric that you can stick anywhere to create a makeshift pouch. Clever.

But can it fit my laptop? But the peel-and-stick pocket should offer enough space to cram a portable mouse (the really tiny ones), some folded notes, earbuds and other smaller items. Very handy for modern city slickers who already have too much crap sitting inside their jeans compartments. Why not slap a functional pocket on your shirt sleeve, your cowboy hat or your cellphone? Yes, a pocket on your cellphone. Even the iPhone doesn’t have an app for that.

The Instant Pocket is a rectangular cotton fabric measuring 3.25 x 4 inches., with adhesives pre-applied to three of the four edges. Simply peel it off like a band-aid, stick it on any part of your clothing and you’re done – automatic storage area for the never-ending pile of small items that magically appear in your life.

We’re not sure if it will fasten to skin, but imagine how awesome it will be to have built-in pockets while you walk around the house naked. It’s…sublime. Available in sets of three, the peel-and-stick Instant Pocket is available for $6.95.