Insulated, Reusable Brown Paper Bag

As iconic as they may be, brown paper bags are way passé when it comes to holding your lunch.  So I’m not surprised that more and more paper bag replacements (like the Artifact Lunch Bag) are coming along.  If you love the classic look of brown bags but don’t appreciate the disposability of paper, this Insulated Brown Paper Bag should be more suited to what you’re looking for.

Why not just brown bag it like you’ve always done?  Because paper rips easy.  And when you put grub that’s too heavy, it could tear.  And when sauces and liquids  drop inside,  it leaks.  And when it rains, you’re screwed.  Basically, there’s more downside than upside that you shouldn’t have to be putting up with in this day and age.

Made from Tyvek, the Insulated Brown Paper Bag is tear-proof, leak-resistant and way more durable than your standard paper sacks.  It looks exactly like an old-school brown bag, too, complete with wrinkles and creases for finish — just like paper.  The bag, which measures 10 x 7.5 inches, copies the classic paper bag  design with a roll top closure and a spacious interior for holding all your stuff in.

Since it’s a better paper bag, the closure gets a pair of magnets right on the opening, so it shuts tight when you close it, further reinforcing the insulating qualities.  Oh yeah, you can supposedly doodle on it for personalization, too, though we’re not sure what markers you’re supposed to use that will stick.

The Insulated Brown Paper Bag is available from Amazon, priced at just under $15.