A Collapsible Tripod Base Allows The Tripod Standing Desk Pro To Pack Up For Easy Portability

Making a viable work desk that can fold up for bringing on the road isn’t easy. Making one that can transform into a standing desk is even harder. The Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro solves the problem by using a tripod for the desk’s legs, allowing you to fold the entire structure supporting the tabletop into a compact bundle. Clever.

That’s right, it’s a full-fledged adjustable-height desk with enough space for a laptop, a keyboard, and a mouse that can collapse into a portable size for taking on the go. Want to do your remote work from the backyard? This offers one of the easiest ways to do that. Need a proper table for preliminary editing when you’re out doing photography in the field? This thing should work for that, too. Want to use it as a table for your drinks the next time you go to a tailgate party? Yes, it should work with that, as well.

The Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro comes with a tripod that can collapse into a compact size for strapping down on your backpack or carried on its own (it comes with its own case), making it far easier to bring along compared to any other desk leg design we’ve seen. It looks like any ordinary tripod you will use to set up a camera during shoot, too, and collapses in a similarly portable manner. Except, in this case, the tripod is designed to support a wooden tabletop that measures 28 x 16 inches (width x depth), giving you enough room to accommodate a proper workspace.

The tripod can be height-adjusted between 2.8 to 6 feet, so it can give you a proper standing desk even if you’re around the average height of an NBA player. When mounted on the tripod head, the desk can be locked in flat like any proper table, although they also offer the option to lock it in a tilted position if you want to use the desk for drawing or some other function. It comes with adjustable and removable stoppers, by the way, in case you want to use your laptop with the desk in a tilted position.

The Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro weighs just 13 pounds, making it light enough to throw in a pack and carry wherever you’re going on foot. At the size, it should also fit comfortably in the car, whether you place it in the boot or the backseat. It uses a quick-release plate for mounting, by the way, so it should easily take apart once you’re done, making it even more convenient.

Aside from the desk, the outfit also offers a variety of accessories that are designed to mount on it. These include a cup holder (because, it’s too small to fit all your gear and your coffee mug, too), a power bank (straps down to the tripod legs), a USB hub, a clip-on light, and a laptop stand, among others.

The Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro is available now, priced at $399.99.

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