Interconnecting Link Mugs Let You Carry Multiple Mugs Safely

Carrying more than two mugs at once is usually a disaster waiting to happen, but that never stops people from attempting to do it anyway.  If you’re sick of people in the house trying and failing to accomplish that balancing feat, just get a set of these Link Mugs and never worry about dropped mug disasters again.

Designed by Jonathan Aspinall, it’s a set of three mugs with interconnecting links that allow them to bolt into each other.  Once interlocked, simply take the handle of the mugs at each end and carry the whole ensemble in a stable and balanced line.  Of course, you can always just lay them down on a Confluence Tray to carry the drinks safely, but where’s the fun in that?

Each Link Mug features a protruding cross connector on one side and a recessed equivalent port on the other, so you can easily connect two or more of them.  The connection is designed to hold tight, too, so you don’t have to worry about any of the mugs coming off while you make your way from the pantry to the meeting room across the hall.  There’s no word on the maximum recommended amount of mugs you can safely link up, so it’s safe to assume you can probably hook up about 30 of them together.  No, really, you should order 30 of these and try it.  I bet it’s fun.  Construction is earthenware, so it’s definitely gonna break when it turns out 30 isn’t a feasible number of mugs to carry.  At least, you tried.

The Link Mug is available from Amazon in sets of three, priced at $44.95.

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