3 Interesting Kickstarters You Should Check Out Today Before They Expire

Stemoscope: Listen to the Sound of Lifestemoscope-wireless-stethoscope

With advancing technology, it’s not only for doctors and trained medical experts to own a stethoscope but the average person can use it as well. After all, most people care a lot about their personal health and well being, which paved way for smartwatches and fitness bands.

The Stemoscope is a smart, connected wireless stethoscope using which you can listen to a wide range of intricate sounds from within your body ranging from heartbeat, lung movements, baby sounds, blood pressure and even to absorb nature’s sounds.

Product Highlights

  • Completely wireless and easy to connect to your smartphone
  • Works with both iOS and Android phones
  • Small and compact in the size of a coin making it easy to carry around
  • Easy to understand light indicators to show Bluetooth connection and Battery level
  • Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth headphones for comfortable listening
  • Powered by 50 mAh lithium-ion battery, delivers 5 hours of usage

With Stemoscope, you can become your own health expert and record the sounds of your baby. It is easy to monitor heartbeat. You may use it during a blood pressure test at home and even use it for young kids for imparting STEM education. Young, aspiring minds can learn about the sounds inside the body and many other interesting aspects from the comfort of their home.

The Stemoscope has lots of practical purposes and when the product cost is quite affordable at $24, it does make sense to own it and to start recording the sound of life. It is a handy device for researchers, health enthusiasts, STEM teachers and sound engineers.

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Onix Cable by TEGIC


Smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Motorola have complicated the cable management scenario, which is what the Onix Cable by TEGIC aims to solve. Be it an iOS user, an Android lover or a PC user, this is the one and only cable that you will ever need for all your data transfers and to connect your phone to a PC.

Instead of having to carry multiple cables every time you travel or go to the office, Onix cable aims to simplify the entire process. It is braided for additional durability and it can always be on the move. The ports are versatile so that you can switch between USB to USB-C in an instant by releasing the lock.

Product Highlights

  • Thick braided cable ensures the longevity of the product
  • It is easy to be wrapped into a small box and can be carried on travel or to office
  • Four different modes with USB Type C ends on both sides that convert into USB and lightning port based on the requirement
  • Available in nickel and gunmetal colors
  • Smooth finish with TEGIC logo on top makes it an aesthetically pleasing product that you can carry around anywhere you go

A unique aspect of the Onix Cable by TEGIC is that it allows users to seamlessly switch between the present and the future. The technology industry adopts Type C connectivity on both ends as the default way for all major devices including iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Tablets and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

The cable also supports reverse charging so that you could connect it to a compatible device and use the existing battery power to charge another device while on the go. It costs $13.

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CarAIDE: World’s Most Powerful Jump Starter

Be it a long drive, a trip to the mountains or cruising the countryside, you should always stay prepared for emergencies. The CarAIDE is the world’s most powerful jump starter that is highly reliable, easy to use and does more than just helping you boost up the battery.

The handheld charger comes in handy to kickstart a down battery. It has a bundled mega light and can also be used as a phone charger to get your smartphone’s juice up to make an emergency call.

Product Highlights

  • Called the swiss army knife of travelers and car owners
  • Easily recharge smartphones and laptops on the go
  • Powerful mega light can help vision up to 230 meters/755 feet
  • Rigid enough to cut a seat belt or break a car window in case of emergency
  • Built-in burglar alarm
  • Resistant to dust, water and shock
  • Built-in compass to find direction and reflectors for safety

Traveling in the snow during the night or going on really long trips could make you prone to lots of different situations. Frequent travelers are aware of how important it is to have a powerful light to repair, a tool to break glass when needed and a car jumper.

CarAIDE aims to solve all this in a single, compact and efficiently designed jump starter which can meet many other purposes, making it worth the $69 that you spend to buy it. The integrated grip line on the starter allows you to carry it, store it near the front seat and even trigger the alarm in case of an unauthorized break-in.

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