Miniature Accidents Waiting To Happen: Intersecting Slot Car And Train Set

Slot car racing is fun.  Slot car racing with the risk of having your model run over by a larger vehicle is even more entertaining.  That’s the kind of action you’ll get with the Intersecting Slot Car and Train Set, which has one section of the racing track crossing paths with a model railroad.

Great for fans of slot car racers, model trains and epic accidents, the toy set is made up of two tracks – one for the slot cars and another for the locomotive.  The designs for both are rather basic, although the decision to have them cut off each other’s paths is definitely inspired.

When fully assembled, the Intersecting Slot Car and Train Set requires 51 x 57 inches of open space.  The race track is made up of 15 pieces that lock in to form seven curves (including a 180-degree hairpin turn),  while the 11 railroad parts tack on to create a  47 x 38 inch oval track.   The two tracks steer clear of each other for the most part, but do intersect at one point, adding a unique obstacle to your races.

Two hand-triggered slot cars come with the set, along with a full model train that can be maneuvered forwards and backwards.  Train set includes a locomotive with a working headlight, four freight cars and a caboose.

Anyone who’s watched a racing event know that fast cars and accidents go hand in hand.  While racing accidents don’t usually mean “smashing head first into a train,” that’s exactly the beautiful madness you’ll enjoy with the Intersecting Slot Car and Train Set.  Hammacher Schlemmer has it for $299.95.

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