Inverted Spaces Wallpaper Tastefully Decorates Your Home With NASA Satellite Images


Want to make your walls look like it extends to the recesses of outer space, all without making it look like a hokey, low-budget sci-fi set? Not a problem with Inverted Spaces, a new line of wallpaper designs with patterns based on NASA imagery.

Created by Calico Wallpaper in a collaboration with Amsterdam-based conceptual design house BCXSY, it’s a surprisingly subtle and tasteful set of space-themed wallpapers. Whether you put this up in the the living room, the bedroom, or any other place in the house, it instantly gives the room a gentle astronomical feel, without making your home look like it’s hosting a planetarium exhibit.


Inverted Spaces uses NASA satellite images of star fields like the Big Dipper and the Orion Nebula, except with the colors altered to shades of metallic gold and silver on an ivory background. The result is a set of unique patterns that give the feel of space without the loud appearance of outer space imagery, allowing you to celebrate your sci-fi geek roots without pissing off the wife like that time you decided to turn the living room into a replica of the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge (yeah, that was a horrible idea).


All the wallpaper in the Inverted Spaces set are bespoke, each produced by combining both digital design and printing technologies with artisanal methods. Unlike traditional wallpaper, it also can’t be ordered by the roll. Instead, each one is a custom installation, with pricing set at around $32 per square foot. Yep, it’s going to cost you.

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