Invisiplug Power Strips Blend In With Your Hardwood Floor

Power strips are basically ugly.  Even when pushed up against the wall, they make for a noticeable eyesore, whether they’re laid across the floor of your media center, bedroom or workstation.  The Invisiplug offers to make them just a tad more presentable.

Granted, I’m disappointed that it’s not actually invisible.  Wonder Woman won’t have any part of that.  Done up in colors designed to match wood flooring, however, the novel power strip solution makes erstwhile indispensable eyesores look like a natural part of your home’s floors, whether you’re laying them down at the media center, the workstation or the bedroom.

Without the unique finish, the Invisiplug seems like a regular power strip, with six outlets that can be simultaneously turned on and off by a switch at the end.  It measures 10.25 inches long, with a width of 2 inches, and can be wall-mounted if needed.  Features include a 15 amp circuit breaker, surge protection up to 90 joules, and a three foot grounded cord.

The current models are designed to blend in strictly with hardwood floors, coming in light natural, medium cherry and dark oak wood grain prints, as well as matching colored cords.  Those who have either cement floors or shag carpets need not worry, though — models that match with both are coming soon.  Now, if only we can get replacement power cords that match the same thing, disappearing our mess of cables without really getting rid of them can finally become a reality.

The Invisiplug is available now, priced at $15.99 each.

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