Invisiplug Deluxe Adds USB Ports To Hardwood-Style Power Strips

We loved the original Invisplug power strip, which came with designs that made it really blend in with hardwood floors. These days, though, a power strip just isn’t all that complete without a USB port in tow. The Invisiplug Deluxe brings that modern amenity to its functional yet decorative power strips, so you can finally get rid of that ugly power strip you keep around for its USB-charging powers.

Bearing the same three options in wood grain finishes (light natural, medium cherry, and dark oak) as the original Invisiplug, it lets you pick a unit that matches the existing hardwood flooring in your home. That way, you never have to keep an eyesore of a power strip again, letting you have a gaggle of power outlets at your disposal without making your home’s floors look like an unsightly mess.

The Invisiplug Deluxe comes with six three-pronged outlets, a pair of USB 2.1 charging slots, a master switch, a pair of LED indicators, and a 3-foot cord. Each one has an integrated surge protector, limiting the voltage during power spikes up to 900 joules. Everything about the product is, pretty much, standard power strip fair — just with a cleaner design that’s intended to integrate smoothly rather than clash with a home’s existing floors.

Available directly from the company website, the Invisiplug Deluxe retails for $24.99.

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