ION LP 2 GO Is An Ultra Portable USB Turntable Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl records are cool in my book.  Don’t worry if some folks do not understand your love affair with this format because nobody understands my undying devotion to Justin Bieber either, so I won’t judge.  I kid, I kid.  About the judging part.  Anyway, if you can’t quite get into portable music because all that digital crap just rubs you the wrong way, here’s a way to get your vinyl fix on the road: the ION LP 2 GO.

Granted you can’t cram it into your pocket like an iPod or a smartphone.  But you’re the type of dude who rummages through craploads of dusty stuff to unearth vinyl treasures, so we doubt you’ll mind having to hold this in hand while your favorite 7-inch plays.  No, dude, that other 7-inch.

The ION LP 2 GO is a portable record player that’s sized to fit into a small bag or held in hand for easily carrying with you.  Pumping sweet analog music while on the go, it comes with a built-in speaker for annoying everyone within earshot, as well as a 3.5mm slot for plugging in headphones after everyone gets annoyed.   The tone-arm clip is retractable to ensure it doesn’t get damaged while it sits somewhere on the pile in your Minimal Backpack.

The modern/retro mish-mash gadget can play both 45 and 33 RPM records, as well as convert them to MP3 (must be plugged into PC with the included software running).  In case you end up getting a craving to play some 45s in the dark, an onboard light is included to help you quickly find the groove.  You can power it via USB at home and four AA batteries while on the road.

No pricing has been announced yet.

[ION Audio]