Iorca Chic Bed Comes With Man-Sized Hidden Bottom Compartment

Sure, you can hide under the bed when aliens come and invade your home at 3 AM. We’re going to bet it won’t help you steer clear of their radar all that much, though. You need a more inconspicuous hiding place to trick the extraterrestrials into thinking there’s no one home and this Iorca Chic Bed will probably do the trick.

A full-sized bed with a hidden trunk at the bottom, it gives you the perfect hiding place to disappear from plain sight. That way, the next time nasty aliens try to abduct you, all they’ll find is a messy bed in the middle of an even messier bedroom. “Dang, we missed him — he must’ve got a booty call,” they’ll exclaim to each other while shaking their heads. All this assumes, of course, that your alien abductors don’t have X-ray vision. If they do, well all bets are off.

The Iorca Chic Bed is actually held by mechanical arms hidden inside the box at the base, which looks no more than a standard platform bed frame. There’s enough space inside to let you (maybe even a companion, too) hide while lying down, tricking unwanted guests into thinking they missed you this time around. Apart from the useful trunk storage, it’s an erstwhile standard premium orthopedic bed, with pillow-shaped backrests and a variety of choices in mattresses (Comfort, Dream or Relax), all with anti-allergenic stuffing and a lateral central strap for better air flow.

Finally, a bed to help you end alien abductions permanently! The Iorca Chic Bed is available now, priced at €1,507.

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