Square Stand Turns Your iPad Into A Full-Featured Cash Register

You use Square with an iPad to manage the cash register at your store.  While that works well enough, it just doesn’t look as official as when you have a full set of point-of-sale gear sitting in your counter.  The Square Stand changes that, providing a sleek payment processing center to make your ragtag of a store look plenty more dignified.

Consisting of an iPad stand with an integrated credit card reader, all you need to do is set the stand on your counter (or, better yet, your cash register), plug the tablet onto the slot, and you’re ready to swipe all the plastic your customers are using.  I don’t know about you, but that’s way better than a card reader hanging out of your iPad’s connector slot while it lies flat on the table.

The Square Stand features an iPad slot that you can tilt in a variety of angles for better viewing, with a base that allows the whole thing to be spun 180 degrees, so your customers on the other side can check out whatever’s on the display.  It comes with an accessories hub that lets you plug in a cash drawer, a receipt printer and a barcode scanner, ensuring you’ll have everything you need to run a point-of-sale counter like a real pro.  Alternatively, you can connect another printer wirelessly, so everything doesn’t have to be bundled right on the cashier’s desk.

As with Square’s less-than-complete previous point-of-sale solution, everything is guaranteed secure with an intuitive app to facilitate all the steps of the transaction.  Not only is everything customizable, but the entire thing can be set up in just minutes.

Slated to ship July 8, the Square Stand is now available for pre-order, priced at $299.

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