iPhone 4 Cases: So You Can Stop Holding It All Wrong

What’s cooler than an iPhone 4?  An iPhone 4 with a covered antenna. Seriously.  Ever since the iPhone 4’s exposed antenna problems have come to light, there’s been an unprecedented interest in covering up the smartphone’s exterior.

No one’s really sure  whether this is a hardware limitation (you touch a live antenna, you will affect it) or something that could be fixed by a software update.  For now, grabbing a new skin for your handset is the only real solution.  And, as always, we’re nice enough to round up some of the coolest iPhone 4 cases available today.  You’re welcome.

Now we know why Apple, who never produced an iPhone case before, is releasing one (the Apple Bumper case) for iPhone 4.  The damn thing’s broken without one.  Unlike the function-rich iPad case, this one’s all about style and protection.  And covering up the antenna, of course.

Case Mate has some gorgeous cases on tap, a few of them in stock, some on backorder and most slated to come in the coming weeks.  Early favorites include the classy-looking Signature Leather case made from Italian Napa leather ($34.99), the colorful Artist series ($34.99 upwards) and the extra-durable Tough Shell paired with the Tough Silicone skins ($17.50), available in a variety of colors.

Belkin has some really, really nice cases available now, including the fashion leather-based Verve Folio with the face flip cover ($29.99), the dual-shell design Shield Eclipse ($29.99) and the kickstand-equipped Verve Cinema ($29.99).

Boxwaves’ upcoming Pure Crystal line looks to be one of the most anticipated iPhone 4 cases on Amazon.  Available in a variety of colors, the form-fitting, lightweight cases come with anti-grip and extra-durability features.

Scosche has some of the sleekest iPhone 4 cases we’ve seen so far.  Guaranteed favorites include the polycarbonate and rubber bandEDGE G4 ($24.99), the switchBACK G4 with interchangeable kickback and softback rear panels ($34.99) and the polycarbonate with leather exterior beefKASE G4 ($29.99).

Incipio has a ton of iPhone 4 cases on their site, starting with the ultra-light, 1mm-thin Feather ($24.99), the upcoming duroSHOT DRX using the company’s next-gen case materials and the Orion sleeve case with the EasyReach pull tab ($19.99).

Lastly, Hard Candy is bringing their stylish cases the iPhone 4’s way too.  Likely hits include the Bubble Slider in both chrome and soft-touch polycarbonate, as well as the colorful Beach and Summertime collections.  All cases are listed at $34.95.