iPhone Card Deck Lets You Play With An iPhone Even Without An iPhone


What do you do when your iPhone’s battery runs out and you really, really want to play a game of Solitaire?  You buy a deck of iPhone Playing Cards, that’s what.

Even though they said iPhone gaming is the next big thing, I’m pretty sure market analysts never meant anything like this.  Created by novelty connoisseurs Meninos, the 52-piece deck offers a full set of Anglo-American playing cards, clad in the iPhone’s unmistakable design.  Both the rear and the face are fashioned to look exactly like Apple’s groundbreaking smartphone, complete with fading colors to mimic the handset’s glossy finish.


The cards are made from 100% washable PVC plastic, with a common print on the back and the labels on opposite corners of the face.  Graphic is inserted on what’s supposed to be the “phone’s” display panel.  Card dimensions are 5.7 x 8.9 cm, which should be smaller than a real iPhone.  From afar, each piece looks like the once-rumored iPhone Mini or one of those Chinese rip-offs with names like HiPhone and such.

They’re selling the iPhone Playing Cards for $25 per set, a ridiculously steep price for a deck of cards.  Gotta love them Apple tax – even rip-off products are getting priced to the hilt!

[Meninos via Technabob]